Kiara, Marina Angel and some other college students were having a pool party in the dorm room! The girls were dressed in tiny bikinis and they were all drinking booze so things went sexual pretty fast.


Both Marina and Kiara found themselves a dick to suck on and soon enough they were having a foursome in the little pool. They moved out and into the beds and kept on fucking like animals.


Check out the full party footage here!

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The gang was getting ready for a cruise and was busy packing when Kiara stepped into the room in a tiny bikini. She showed off her big booty and Belle & Janice soon joined in. The boys got horny as hell from watching it so they lost their clothes as well. Soon you had a wild sex orgy going on in the living room!


These are only screencaps, check out the video here!

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From the episode Never have I ever.


The college students decide to have some fun on a slow night in the dorm room. Kiara kickstarts it by stripping down and grabbing the girl next to her and make out with her. She had more in store cause her next move was to suck a cock in front of all of her friends. Soon the other girls followed and we had some lovely groupsex going on. I especially enjoyed the doggystyle shots of Kiara, her ass looks freaking fabulous!!











































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From the episode Tis The Season.


All the hot girls dress up in their slutties christmas outfit then hits the club ready for a night full of partying and sex! The guys there are willing and there are only a few of them so they get a lot of punani each! It wasn't like the girls didn't like other girls so it all worked out to a huge biseuxal orgy in the middle of the nightclub. There were so much shit going on at the same time that I don't even know where to begin describing it, I suggest you scroll down and check it out for yourself!




















































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